Setting Up a New Nighttime Routine

Looking to improve your nighttime routine? When you put emphasis on the right things, you can have a nightly ritual that not only helps you get ready for bed, but actually improves your sleep. Here are some nightly ritual routines that allow you to create the most effective routine possible. 


Always Start With Your Why 

Before you change any habit or routine, including your nighttime routine, think about why you want to change it. It is almost impossible to be consistent with a change in your schedule or routine without really understanding what you are hoping to gain from it. 

For every activity you are considering adding to your nighttime routine, write the reason why next to it. This can be from helping you to get a better nights’ sleep, to wanting to finish your book and not having time earlier in the day to read. It doesn’t matter why, as long as it is important to you and you understand it. 


Make Better Sleep a Top Priority 

When thinking about activities to add to your nighttime ritual, put a big emphasis on trying to get better sleep. What would help improve your sleep? Maybe for you, turning off the TV and putting your phone away is what you need to focus on, while someone else needs meditation or journaling to deal with their nighttime anxiety. Consider why your sleep is lacking right now, and that should help guide you in the right direction. 


Think of Habits to Add to Your Routine 

Another way to figure out what to include in your nighttime routine is to think of habits you don’t tend to have time for earlier in the day. These aren’t always necessarily associated with the evening, but you can still make time for them. It can be creative activities like drawing or painting, reading more, learning a new skill, or practicing self-care. Anything you feel you would have a little more time for in the evening is great to add to your nighttime ritual. 


Adjust Your Schedule as Needed 

You should always remain flexible with your routines. This is what is going to help you stick with it, because you know you can adjust things as needed. Far too many people fall behind on new habit changes because they were too rigid, and once they felt they “failed”, they didn’t even bother to pick it up again. Get rid of the black and white thinking, and find a flexible, neutral space where you can make adjustments.

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