All About Your Circadian Rhythms

When most people talk about internal clocks and things of that nature, they’re usually referencing their desire for attaining milestones in life like childbirth, or some other type of item that help them achieve levels of respect from others. In nature however, there actually does exist a system that keeps track of events in your body, and it does so without your involvement and conscious thought, but you can in fact influence this complex and life affirming system. In the following article, you’ll read about how your circadian rhythm affects your daily life.

 Studying Circadian Rhythm

The study of the circadian rhythm of organisms is called chronobiology. Science has discovered that humans aren’t the only living things to have a circadian rhythm, and that even other animals, plants, fungi and bacteria can also have circadian rhythm. Generally, most living things have a cycle that takes place within a 24 hour period. This is because multiple factors like daylight and temperature have a big hand in the order of these rhythms, and can directly influence a number of physiological functions of the body like waste production.

Health Influence 

Circadian rhythms can influence your health. Function of the human body like hormone release times, eating times,  temperature, and digestion are majorly important processes, so disruptions of the circadian rhythm can throw you off pretty seriously. These disruptions can becomes serious enough to cause illness. Studies done by researchers have linked a lot of diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes, and depression to unhealthy sleep patterns and poorly functioning biological processes that are influenced or controlled by your circadian rhythm. These situations can deepen the danger by exposing you to the possibility of neurological disorders and other problems.

Why It’s Important to Learn About

If people were able to understand the intricate details of how the circadian rhythm works, it would provide insight that would make it easier for people who travel long distances, or work unusual schedules to be effective when they choose, instead of being at the mercy of their body’s control. This will also show doctors how to treat people who suffer from the side effects and inverse symptoms caused by all of these issues and heal people more efficiently. This will give people increased freedom for performing tasks, and answer greater future questions about travel over longer distances not only on our world, but also in outer space.

What to do Next 

If you have been struggling with your sleep, have insomnia, or are just looking for a way to have a healthier sleep routine, then learning more about your circadian rhythm is crucial. This is going to teach you when your body naturally wants to be awake and when it wants go to sleep. The better sleep routine you have and the more consistent you are with it, the easier it is going to be for you to get quality sleep each night. Since there are so many detrimental health consequences of sleep deprivation, this should be your top priority.

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